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Landscaping Maintenance for Home Value

Curb appeal has the power to make or break the sale of a home. In fact, if potential buyers don’t like what they see on the outside, they may not even venture inside. Savvy homeowners know that investing in their landscapes will not only yield a nice return on investment (ROI) but also will help them get more enjoyment out of their properties while living there.

There is no question that landscaping is important in terms of overall home value. Exactly how much ROI homeowners will receive may be up for debate, but in most cases they will get their investment — and then some — back. Chris Lambton, landscape designer and host of the HGTV show “Backyard Transformations,” says that a good landscaping plan and design can increase the value of a home by as much as 10 to 12 percent.

“Conversely, a bad landscape design or a yard that has gone by the wayside can decrease the value of the home significantly,” Lambton adds.

Some would say 10 to 12 percent is a conservative estimate. Of course, those who go above and beyond with their landscaping projects and create outdoor living rooms or poolscapes can expect even more, Lambton says.

“Adding outdoor rooms, like often seen on HGTV and DIY Network, can increase this range,” he says. “I have found that ROI can be anywhere from 15 to 1,000 percent on investment in landscaping. It is a very wide range and depends on scope, type of project and the expertise of those doing the plan and installation.”

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