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4 Popular Landscape Design Trends for Fall

Are you looking for a creative way to spruce up your home landscape for the Fall? Although it’s still quite warm in Texas and most Southern states, Autumn is well on its way. The benefit of living in the South is that your family gets to enjoy the outdoors practically year-round. And if you want to extend your ability to entertain and enjoy outdoor living this Fall season, read on.

In this article, you’ll learn about a few Fall landscaping trends that are topping many homeowners’ wish lists. Fortunately, there are professional lawn and landscape service providers like One Source who can help.

1 - Outdoor features

Fall is a great time for you to consider an outdoor fire feature such as a fireplace, fire table, or fire pit. You can remotely control many of today’s high-tech fire features via a smartphone app. You can also program them to turn on and off at certain times. No matter what type of fire feature you choose, it will bring warmth and ambiance to any outdoor landscape.

2 - Fall Specific Platings

Boxwood, maple, and chrysanthemums are all popular in Fall landscaping. You can also learn from knowledgeable landscape design companies, like One Source, that some of these ever-popular plants are tweaked. Thus, if you want colorful Fall plants to last longer and consume less water, they’ll help recommend the best options. This season, you can try arranging these Autumn classics in clean, simple, and contemporary groupings throughout your landscape.

3 - Accent Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners are increasingly turning to lighting-focused landscape design that allows them to enjoy outdoor living at all hours. Proper lighting is particularly important during Fall and Winter’s shorter days. Accent lighting also ensures that children’s play areas are well lit, and walkways are safe and accessible.

4 - Unique Hardscapes

Low-maintenance, durable materials are coming to the forefront of modern landscape design. For instance, homeowners commonly use porcelain tiles for walkways, steps, decks, and patio floors. Porcelain can look just like natural stone or wood but requires less maintenance. Hardscapes are a popular trend due to their ability to open up your backyard for more focused entertaining and enjoyment. Furthermore, they keep people outside and provides less maintenance and easy cleanup.

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