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15 Fragrant Garden Flowers

Easy Elegance Rose

Few plants symbolize fragrance like roses. This group of plants features shrubs, climbers, miniatures — and all sorts of other wonderful types. Flower color runs the gamut, including white, deep burgundy (almost black), lemon yellow and a host of other hues. New rose introductions like the Easy Elegance collection feature disease-resistant leaves with strong winter hardiness (Zones 5-9). Kiss Me (Rosa 'BAIsme’) unfurls richly petaled blooms reminiscent of old English garden roses — and redolent with fragrance. Other roses packed with perfume? A few that have stood the test of time include 'Autumn Damask’ (Zones 5-9), 'Madame Isaac Pereire’ (Zones 6-9), 'Double Delight’ (Zones 3-9), 'Mister Lincoln (Zones 5-9) and 'Roseraie de l’Hay’ (Zones 3-9).

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