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10 BEST Flowers to Grow in Virginia

What are the Best Flowers to Grow in Virginia?

#1. Petunias

Thrives in Heat:

  • Petunias are a great annual flower that can bloom until early November but really thrives in heat. You’ll notice the hotter it is the more blooms there are!


  • Flowers typically are not low maintenance. But wave petunias are one of the easiest flowers to grow. They require no deadheading for more blooms.

Perfect for ANY Garden:

  • Some flowers require all sun or all shade to grow. Not Petunias. They can grow anywhere in your garden, in hanging baskets, window boxes, and anywhere else you can think of.

#2. Daisies


  • Daisies are a great plant it and forgot about it flower. Plant bulbs in the fall and actual plants in the spring and watch this beautiful flower come back year after year with little to no maintenance.


  • Not every plant on this list can tolerate heat and full-sun. Daisies though thrive the hotter it gets and more sunlight it receives, making this the perfect flower to plant anywhere in your yard.


  • It seems like deer and rabbits will eat almost any flower or plant in your garden. Deter them from your flower garden with the pugant flavor of daisies..

#3. Dahlia

Low Maintenance:

  • Dahlia is the easiest flower to grow. You do not need to fertilize it, barely need to water it, it can be planted in any soil, and you never have to worry about it!

Perfect in Containers:

  • The best spot to plant dahlias is in gardening containers. This is because you can grow them anywhere, such as in your house, on your patio, and even transplant into a window box.

#4. Zinnia

Thrives in the heat:

  • While you can plant your Zinnias in spring for a headstart, Zinnias is one of the few spring flowers that can be planted in early summer and still continuously bloom and grow.

Easy to Grow from Seed:

  • Zinnias is the easiest and most popular type of flower to grow from seed. It requires less sunlight, water, and care to germinate compared to other flowers during the winter.

Perfect in All Types of Garden:

  • Some flowers only do well in the ground. Not Zinnias. You can grow them in containers, window boxes, raised garden beds, and even in poor soil.

#5. Tulips


  • Out of all the flowers on this list it can be argued that the Tulip is the most beautiful flower that blooms in the spring. It comes in shades of white, black, purple, red, yellow, pink, orange, and so much more. It will add so much color no matter where you live.

Perfect for Any Yard:

  • Some flowers only do well in certain soil and sunlight. Not Tulips. You can grow them in containers, window boxes, raised garden beds, and even in poor soil.

Perfect Gift:

  • Whether you are buying someone tulips to plant in their yard or you are cutting your own planted tulips to give someone, this flower is considered the ultimate gift for birthdays, mother’s day, and even Easter.

#6. Marigolds

Thrives in the heat & cold:

  • If you have early spring frosts or late fall frost then Marigolds is the perfect flower to plant for an extended flower garden season.

Continous Blooms:

  • Marigolds are another flower that has continuous blooms for 6-8 months of the year. All you have to do is deadhead them.

Attracts Pollinators:

  • Attracting Pollinators are hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Just plant your Marigold flowers and watch bees, butterflies, and birds come to it.

#7. Daffodils


  • These low-maintenance flowers require very little care. You don’t have to prune it or deadhead it to have more flowers bloom. Not only this, but it thrives in cold and hot!


  • Daffodils are probably the hardiest flower on this list. They can survive long period of cold, heat, garden pests, and sometimes even disease and fungus. You plant them and they’ll keep coming up year after year.

#8. Lily

Blooms All Summer:

  • If you pick the right type of lily, it can bloom not only in spring but also throughout the summer. And if you like different types you can’t plant these flowers so different ones bloom at different times in the year. Best of all is that they are perennials!

Great for Small Spaces:

  • Lilies is one of the only flowers on this list that grows perfectly vertical. This means it is perfect for small spaces, urban gardeners, or in between other plants as a cross-pollinator.

#9. Black Eyed Susans

Thrives in Droughts:

  • Black Eyed Susan do extremely well in droughts and although flowers may not bloom as plentiful, they will still thrive.

Perfect for All Gardens

  • Black-Eyed Susans are the perfect flower that can be planted anywhere in your yard, garden, and even inside your house for all year summer blooms. While they thrive in gardens they also do well in compacted soil or in mulched areas of your yard.

Attracts Pollinators:

  • If you want to attract butterflies, bees, and birds to your flowers and garden all summer long then grow black-eyed susans! This is the perfect flower to attract pollinators not only in the summer, but even early fall.

#10. Coneflowers

Perfect for All Summer Gardens:

  • Coneflower flowers are the perfect flower that can be planted anywhere in your yard, garden, and even inside your house.

Numerous Varieties:

  • There are almost 24 variants of Coneflower flowers. They come in many sizes and bloom beautiful colors of pink, purple, white, yellow, etc. They are easy to grow and can be planted anywhere in the world making them a favorite of beginner flower gardeners.


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