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Make Your Patio a Perfect Retreat

Create Privacy

Create your own private sanctuary by planting hedges and using fences or walls.

-- Create a curved pathway leading to your patio so you only get a glimpse of it from the yard.

-- Use bright colors, such as orange, red, and yellow, to draw attention to flowers instead of your patio.

-- Plant a tree near your patio so you can relax under the tree's leafy canopy.

Use Fun Shapes

Add interest, even if all you have are plain concrete pavers, by playing with geometric shapes.

-- A mixture of paver shapes and sizes in an irregular layout adds drama.

-- The gateway effect created by two wide pillars makes the patio feel larger by creating distinct spaces.

-- Placing furniture on the lawn integrates the lawn into the patio area -- creating a more spacious feel.

Select a Style

Create a high-end modern feel by ultizing contemporary style.

-- Stair-stepped planters hold architectural grasses.

-- A water feature echoes the planters' shapes, repeating the theme.

-- A gravel patio helps break up the white-painted concrete blocks.

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